Author: Betsy

What this is all about

  It’s about making handmade signs that have affirmations on them. You can stitch them or carve them or bake them or however you want to make them….

Why the world needs this project

    In 2015, I started writing affirmations. They pushed me to see I was beautiful, capable, worthy, enough, smart, and other permutations. And in homage to the work…

How to participate

Want to participate in this project? All it takes are four tiny things: Make a sign (no bigger than palm size, please) that contains an affirmation starting with “You…

#YASVB examples from around the world

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Who’s behind this?

  Betsy Greer (see a more detailed bio here) started this project in 2015 when she began doing the Five-Minute Journal app and found coming up with a…